! Abgesagt / Annulé ! Hans Koch „Solo“ + „INSIDE A LEAF“ Quartet (Doppelkonzert / Double concert) – La voirie

! Abgesagt / Annulé ! Hans Koch „Solo“ + „INSIDE A LEAF“ Quartet (Doppelkonzert / Double concert)


- 20:30:00

Türöffnung /Porte ouverte: 20h00

Hans Koch (solo)

Werner Dafeldecker (double bass)
Paul Lovens (drums)
Ignaz Schick (turntable, sampler)
Michael Thieke (clarinet)

Hans Koch has quit his carreer as a recognised classical clarinetist to become one of the most innovative improvising reed-players in Europe. He has been working with everyone from Cecil Taylor to Fred Frith since the eighties. As a composer he has shaped the sound of Koch-Schütz-Studer since the beginning as well as working for radio-plays and film. Since the nineties he has been working with electronics as an extension of the saxes/clarinets as well as with sampling/sequencing/Laptop. As a reed-player he is always working on his very own vocabulary and sound, which makes him a very unique voice on the actual scene.

« Inside a leaf“ is a new international quartet project and brings together four unique composer/performers from Austria and Germany. They all work in the field of structured improvisation, experimental music and sound art. The instrumentation concept ranges from purely acoustic sources like Michael Thieke’s extended clarinet, Dafeldecker’s acoustic and extended bass, Lovens’ selected percussion and Schick’s electronics and electro-acoustic set-up consisting of turntables, sampler, motors and objects.
Each of the four members of this group have created their own sonic universe and have been involved in numerous groups in the past decades: Globe Unity Orchestra, News From The Shed, Polwechsel, Perlonex, Phosphor The Magic I.D. and Splitter Orchestra. The music of this ensemble is characterized by a deep sonic research and both human and mechanical form pattern. »

http://www.zangimusic.wordpress.com & http://www.zarekberlin.bandcamp.com